Amazon Dash: Buttons and Butlers 

Two relatively recent products from Amazon have made me reconsider that it’s not just markets that are disrupted and changed by new technologies and new ways of thinking, it’s also the human and cultural habits that change. This is significant because those habits like sharing mix tapes, writing shopping lists or sweeping up or whatever… … [Read more…]

Good Interviewers, Bad Interviewers

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I try out a lot of podcasts. I tolerate a lot of bad ones because the content – when you get past the crappy way it’s presented, is good. Not all are created equal and the interview technique is a cornerstone of their success or, as in most cases, their … [Read more…]

What you should be thinking about: 24/Aug/2015

From my almost-weekly emails. Sign Up here. Google’s OnHub, Google getting into the connected home and tackling the “home hub” which several people have tried. Nest is a contender. Any home security is a contender. Routers are a key part because they control the pipe. My thoughts on this are that connecting devices is still … [Read more…]

Malcom Gladwell and changing the foreseeable future

An article on venture beat explores how much data can help determine what the future of your product is. There are several important concepts at work here. Firstly, the generational /  developmental concepts which ask: is the behaviour happening in these users because this is the generation in which it starts (e.g. the first generation that bought online; … [Read more…]

What do you (really) do?

The question of what an industry or organisation is for – the fundamental thing it does – is becoming increasingly relevant because so much of our modern life is about communication (rather than shifting lumps of stuff around). It used to be that communication of information and transport of goods limited how quickly supply chains could … [Read more…]

What is the point of your work?

What is the point of you? What is the point of your business? Of your industry? When you retire, when you sell up, give up or when it all ends what will you have done? I don’t mean what’s your purpose or what’s your “why”. I mean: What is the fundamental thing which creates demand … [Read more…]

How to make dev teams work better

These are some dev team philosophies I’ve collected from the agency I’m Technical Director at, plus observations at companies large and small with worked with. Making some things explicit shifts the responsibility to the team, but also enables them to get more done. When the responsibility isn’t clearly in their court, the quality falls rapidly … [Read more…]

What’s the best technology to use in 2015?

I don’t know. But nor does anyone else. I’ve spent a lot of my career convincing customers to choose us and the technology we’re selling. In truth though, there is not “right” technology. You have to get a lot of things right like the team behind it, the supporting ecosystem, the right tools and so … [Read more…]